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Author Topic: This Doesn't Happen Everyday.....
Uncommon Drunk
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Matter of fact, this might be a "Once in a Lifetime" occurence.

I picked up my daughter from school today, and on the drive home (about 30 miles out in the country), I saw up ahead (on a two-lane country road) a lot of trucks, cars, etc., parked on both sides of the road, and a bunch of people pointing toward the creek to the left of the road.

I slowed down, and told my daughter there was probably a wreck, and they might need some help, so I was stopping. What I saw as I stopped amazed me; check out these pictures:





In the middle of the creek, stood a nice 10-point Whitetail buck, just standing there, looking at everyone. One of the things you don't see in the pictures (I didn't know my daughter had her digital camera in the truck until we were there about 3 or 4 minutes!) was a group of about 5 or 6 people, touching and petting this deer. I could not believe what I was seeing. I expected this buck to "wake up" any second, and rip one of these citizens a new asshole, but it just stood there, and let them do it. Unbelievable.

A Game Warden rode up, and yelled "Get away from that Deer!" as he got out of the truck.

It was quite obvious, to anyone who knows anything about Whitetail Deer, that this one was either seriously injured (maybe hit by a truck, and limped into the creek to recover?), possibly sick (CWD, "Blue Tongue", etc.), or maybe even a "tame" deer, that someone had raised penned up, close by, and got out. A lot of theories were being bandied-about by the crowd that had assembled to check out this "Prince of The Forest".

You can see in the third pic how close the one guy is standing to this buck (less than 15 feet), my daughter and I were no more than 30 feet away when I took the pic, and he was just standing there, oblivious. You can also see two guys on the bridge above the deer, talking on their cell phone, and taking pictures, and he's still oblivious.

I overheard the Warden tell one of the people he was waiting on a call from a Fish & Wildlife Biologist. They probably darted the buck, then took him in for testing, to see if it was rabies, CWD, or whatever was ailing this deer to exhibit this bizarre behavior. I had to go to work in a hour or two, so I couldn't stick around to see how it all turned out. Never been that close to one, "In the Wild", without field-dressing it, or seeing it with a Sure-Fire light before daybreak.

I've had bucks and does walk within 10 feet of me in the dark, and spotted 'em with the Sure-Fire, but let 'em walk, mainly because it would be illegal to shoot before daylight, and I already feel a .30-'06 is an extremely unfair advantage, the light would just make it completely so. I DO believe in "fair chase" principles. [Big Grin]

All in all, an interesting event in an otherwise routine day. Hope the 'ole boy was OK, and he gets a "Shot at some Lovin" when The Rut kicks in. Be a shame if they had to put him down. He is a Hoss, for a 10-pointer.


"Crush your enemies. See them driven before you. Hear the lamentation of the women!"

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Doc, it's funny you posted this thread b/c I just saw on the local news tonight that this morning a woman tried to go out on her back porch and an 8 point was on her porch blocking her back door.

She tried to scare the deer away but it refused to leave and wouldn't let her out of the house. She got her husband, he went outside and tried to scare the deer off and it attacked him. He was knocked down, gored and trampled. The wife called State Troopers who responded right away and then she went outside to chase the deer away from her husband.......it kicked her ass too.

Troopers arrived on scene to see the woman being stomped by the deer and the man bleeding on the ground. They couldn't get a shot so one of the Troopers grabbed the buck by the antlers and wrestled with it to get it away from the woman. Both Troopers then opened fire and killed it.

The news station showed graphic pics of the buck tonight and it was all shot up and bloody. The Troopers really did a number on it. The couple went to the hospital and the Game Warden took the deer to a vet to have an autopsy done to see if they could find something wrong with it to cause it to attack. It was probably just a rutting buck. We are in the thick of the rut right now and this isn't the first story like this I've heard before.

If your buck was indeed wild, there was something wrong with him.

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Jungle Work
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There was a story on the Television yesterday about a Doe that broke into a Bank. When the police arrived they found the doe deer in the bank. The police stated that they believe the doe was looking for a couple of bucks.

Jungle Work

From this day to the ending of the world we in it shall be remembered. We lucky few, we band of brothers. For he who today sheds his blood with me shall be my brother. CURRAHEE

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[Big Grin] [Big Grin]

"Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both"
~ Benjamin Franklin

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Dustin Dran
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it all comes down to GPM v:s BTU's

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