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Author Topic: whats your favorite type of hunt
jim dandy
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what type of game animal do u enjoy hunting the most? what firearm & load do u favor in pursuit of your game? do u like hunting alone or with others?

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jim dandy,

Good topic to start!!
what type of game animal do u enjoy hunting the most? what firearm & load do u favor in pursuit of your game? do u like hunting alone or with others?
I enjoy upland bird hunting more then anything else. Deer hunting is okay, wait and sit if you are in a stand. Same thing with turkey hunting.

Bird hunting is another story. Being with your faithful companion, any breed you choose to hunt with, is the only way to go.

I enjoy the fields the brush and woods. Whether Ring-necked Pheasants and Bob White Quail, in the fields or Ruffed Grouse in the woods.

Hunting Woodcock in the marsh is also fun.

I either use a Mossberg 12 pump or an O/U 12ga loaded with either 6 or 4's. Rabbits and squirrels go down just as well this this load.

I will not hunt in any party with more then 3 abreast. I will hunt usually alone or with one other person. As far as dogs, 2 GSP at a time.


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The Old Sarge
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My favorite by far is big game. I hunt bear, elk, deer and am an opportunity mountain lion hunter. I've tried various rifles over the years, with various loads. Back about '83 I settled ona Remington 700 in .30'06 and about '92 tried Federal Premium ammo with 180 grn Nosler partition bullets. Still using both almost exclusively ... I still try different things fro kicks and grins for general comparison to my "Baby."

Since deer and bear season where I hunt ends one day and elk starts the very next(mountain lions are open the whole time and then some), I usually make a single trip of about 4-6 weeks ... with occassional trips home for laundry, gas, propane ... see momma. [Big Grin]

I share a camp with a bunch of cousins I grew up with and they all have to work ... poor bastards. They come and go as their schedules permit and most will devote at least a whole week of vacation time sometime during the 5 weeks or so. I enjoy hunting with them, especially when there's a lot of meat to haul off the mountain or when the stratagy calls for spreading out to locate game. We all pitch in and help whenever somebody kills something and only resume the hunt when everything is under control and the meat is cared for.

However, I REALLY enjoy the solitary hunts I do when nobody else is around. That's time for me ... and God.

The Old Sarge

PS If you force me to narrow the game to one species, I would have to choose elk ... simply because the damn things are so hard to figure out sometimes.

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I enjoy all types of hunting although I don't get to hunt as often as I use to I still enjoy it
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Grew up knowing not much but dove hunting.

The past few years it's been deer and hogs.

Damn I love spotting for hogs! We sat in the middle of a small oat field a few months ago...brush, mesquite and oaks on all four sides. Almost a full moon, just me and a good friend and his 10 year old son in the back of my pickup. We were trying to get his son his first hog. Son falls asleep, and we sat quietly for about two hours, watching and listening. Counted more than 60 hogs of all shapes and sizes, and heard even more. Never shot because we didn't feel the need. It was just great being a partipant with some of God's nightime critters. Doesn't get much better.

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Like huntng everything deer, bear, elk ,ducks ,geese especially coyote for close shots I use my taurus tracker .17 cal 61/2"bbl ,long shots I use my 22-250 for deer and bear I prefer my.480 ruger 7 1/2 bbl ,elk 7mm mag,for ducks and geese i use charles daly over and under ,i have a matched set in 12 and 20 ga ,or rem 870 31/2 super mag or, a 10 ga double depending on what time of year it is. Upland birds I use a 28 gauge double that I really like, over all I just love to hunt

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I like hunting Deer the most. I go to a real nice place during modern gun season. The Big South Fork NRRA part of which is located in Kentucky. Rugged terrain. No sitting in deer stands. I learned from my father how to stalk deer. The older I get the less I stalk. I use a Colt Ar-15.
And every year I enter my name in the Elk lottery hunt that occurs in Eastern Kentucky.


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I put a good number of Canadian geese in the freezer here every year. They sure make for good eating. I use my Marlin45 Goose Gun and OO buck load.

My BIL is the deer-hunt fanatic so I get all the venison I can handle plus a great deal of venison sausage. [Big Grin] [Big Grin]


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Big Game: Whitetail Deer.

Target(s) of Opportunity: Coyotes, Foxes, and Barking Squirrels above my Deer Blind. [Mad]

.30-'06 makes a MESS of 'em, even when ya "bark" 'em! [Eek!] Noisy Shits.


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Deer, dont much use guns hunting, I am a bowhunter [Big Grin]

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