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Author Topic: Fuck It, It's Saturday Night Part LVI.....
Retired Bum
Dirty Old Man
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If any of youse don't like reading about violence and hot nasty sex then ya shouldn't be a member of HCT any fuckin' way.....

The saga continues.

Rodney woke up and wondered if he was still alive or did he kick the bucket while sleeping the sleep of the dead. He was still exhausted and felt like pulling the sheet back over his head and just drifting off again. It was a damn good thing that this was Sunday morning because there was no fuckin' way that he would have been able to make into the field office in this condition.

It all started when Susie's nympho sister Monica arrived at the house. This cunt was even more of a sex fiend than Susie as he recalled from her first visit last year. The two of them had just about put Rodney into a permanent coma with their demands for nasty and raunchy threesomes. He didn't say anything to Susie after Monica left but he was glad to see her go. Just too much of good thing....

And now Monica was back. The three of them had gone out for a good dinner which surprise of surprises Monica had paid for. Monica insisted on a good bottle of French champagne because she said that it made her horny. Like this broad needed something to make her horny. Then Rodney who had only sipped one small glass of the stuff had driven the three of them back to his home. He had just finished taking a quick shower when the two sisters grabbed him and threw him on the kingsize waterbed. Then they raped him. Several times. Rodney finally called it quits and rolled over and died.

Now it was about noon on Sunday morning and he looked to both sides of the bed. The sisters were still sound asleep and Rodney wasn't about to do anything that would wake them up. So he just closed his eyes and almost instantly was back asleep. When he woke up again, the sun light coming through the drapes told him it was late in the afternoon. He rolled over to look at the clock and it was almost five PM. And the sisters were nowhere in sight. Still feeling beat he forced himself up and into the shower. After bathing, shaving, and brushing his teeth he decided that he might survive after all.....

The sisters were waiting for him at the kitchen dining table with a big glass of orange juice and a bottle of vitamin E tablets. Rodney drank down the juice with three tablets and then attacked the medium rare sirloin steak and baked potato. He patted both of them on their cute little butts and thanked them for the meal. But he knew that this was gonna cost him. Less than two hours later he was naked and sprawled out on the living room couch. Susie and Monica were giving him a double header blowjob that made his eyes cross. When he finally blew his wad over both of their faces he collapsed and told the sisters that there would be no fucking this night. They just smiled and gave him the "that is what you think" look.....

Louis Pena aka Screwy Louie was not a happy Mafia underboss. He had bankrolled a bank heist that had gone terribly wrong. All four of the robbers had been caught before they could make their getaway and now he was out that money and his 25 percent of the take. The FBI had been right there and grabbed them without a single shot being fired. Some motherfucking rat bastard had squealed on them. I wonder if my part in this is known to the FBI as well. Since I haven't been talked to by the feds, it doesn't look like it. If I ever find out who that snitching cocksucker is I will feed him his balls and dick. Count on it....

Monday morning found Rodney at his desk after the usual weekly meeting of all of his agents. He felt a little better this morning than yesterday because he had only gotten raped once that night by those two sluts. Then his secretary walked in with the morning's mail and placed it on his desk. She had put a plain white legal envelope on top of the stack. I wonder what the informer has to say this time thought Rodney. He slit the envelope open and pulled out the two sheets of cheap paper and began to read.

Special Agent In Charge Rodney Dalton

I see that you took care of the bank heist in a professional manner like I knew you would. I believe that I have established my bonafides with you at this point.

I have some more info that you are going to like. This coming Thursday night there is going to be a truck hijacking on the north side of town at the location of the Weinstein Wholesale Tobacco warehouse. A semi trailer of cigarettes worth at least half a million dollars will be arriving at about nine PM. The hijack crew will snatch the truck and drive away with it just as soon as is starts to back up to the loading dock. At least four but probably more will be in the crew. They will be packing heat. They will arrive in two panel trucks at the same time. They will overpower the semi driver and then simply drive it away. The extra muscle is in case something goes south.

I can't prove it, but this job has the okay of Louis Pena who I believe you know fairly well. Rumor has it that he bankrolled the busted bank job as well but this is only rumor.

Good luck and good hunting.

Half a million dollars of cigarettes at wholesale price thought Rodney. Now that is a fat juicy target these days when a carton of smokes goes for $40 plus tax here in town. So I have three days to get a plan all set up. Shouldn't be too difficult. One big truck and two vans and maybe four to five piece men. I'll put together the same crew that I used at the bank. No need to get the local cops involved in this one. There shouldn't be anyone around in that location at that time of night except the warehouse workers. And I will have at least three of my people inside the warehouse well before the truck arrives.....

Rodney called Susie into his office and asked her if she wanted to take part in a little anti hijacking operation. Her eyes lit up and she only asked if she could take "her" Uzi along. Of course replied Rodney who knew full well that she would pout if she couldn't take along her favorite toy. That afternoon Rodney called all of his agents in and told them about the "cigarette job" that was supposed to go down on Thursday night. He assigned each agent a specific job and told them there was always the possibility that things could get hot. If ya have to shoot, kill the bastards.

The next two days were spent getting everything ready to take down the hijack crew. Rodney told both of the sisters that he needed all of his senses and strength for Thursday night. Monica couldn't understand why so Susie told her that she would explain why later Thursday evening. So you only get to rape Rodney once a night for the next two days......

Susie finished reassembling the Uzi in the office Thursday afternoon. She made sure that the magazines were loaded with fresh 9mm NATO FMJ rounds. Her Glock 23 was loaded with Hydra-Shoks. I hope that I get to shoot some asshole tonight. Does this make me a pyscho? Maybe.....

It was eight PM and everybody on the FBI team was ready. The warehouse crew had been sent away by their foreman after Rodney had outlined things for him. Rodney had placed Susie in the vital part of taking down the hijack semi driver. His other agents would take down the muscle. Rodney pulled out his Sig P228 and made sure that he had a round chambered. He was supposed to be carrying a .40 Glock like everyone else. But he just ignored the policy and kept the P228 as his primary sidearm. He also had a M4 Carbine slung over his shoulder. The rest of the team had M4's and Benelli 90 autoloading shotguns. Rodney was a big believer in firepower.....

Twelve minutes after nine Rodney got the call over his radio that he had been waiting for. The semi was on the entrance road and was about three minutes out. A minute later he got another call that informed him that two delivery vans had just pulled in behind the semi and were following it. It was show time.

The semi tractor driver swung his rig around in the big unloading area and began to back it up to the loading dock. Then the two vans pulled up on either side of the semi and three men got out. They were wearing ski masks and carrying handguns. Rodney gave the go signal with his radio and his team closed in on the hijackers. Rodney's eight men rushed the vans and the semi. Susie had the Uzi pointed at the hijacker who was pointing his pistol at the semi driver. Rodney yelled over his voice gun that they were the FBI and you are surrounded. One of the muscle yelled "Fuck You" and fired a shot in the direction of Rodney. This was the moment that Susie was waiting for. She fired about ten rounds into the torso of the would be driver putting him down. Rodney and his team opened up on the other muscle and cut them down. It was all over in about ten seconds. Susie slung her Uzi across her shoulder and climbed up on the running board of the semi tractor and opened the door. The driver was lying flat on the seat as he could get and begged Susie not to shoot him. It is okay she told him. I'm an FBI agent. The driver took one look at her and saw a blond devil from hell with a SMG smiling at him.

Two of the five hijacking crew were stil alive. Rodney called for ambulances for them. All of his crew was okay. No injuries, just smiles. They had done good police work this evening. When the meat wagons arrived, the two live ones were driven to the nearest hospital ER. One of them was pronounced DOA and the other died in the ER.

Rodney called the Hoover Building and left a message with the duty officer about the night's events. His team finished up at the warehouse and then headed back to the office. Finally at two AM Rodney released them and sent them home. He and Susie arrived at his place about thirty minutes later. Monica was waiting up for them and she just about came in her pants when Susie told her what had happened. Rodney was too stoked to get any sleep so he joined the sisters in the big shower. Then the three of them went to the waterbed and played doctor with each other for a couple of hours. A good time was had by all....

The next morning Rodney got a call over the secure encrypted telephone from the Director. He wanted all of the details and Rodney told him what went down and promised that he would fax his after action report ASAP as he finished it. Did ya have to kill all five of them the Director asked. Didn't want to replied Rodney but sometimes shit happens ya know. Yeah thought the Director. When shit happens with Rodney, badguys have a way of pushing up daisies an awful lot. Oh well, nobody is gonna miss those five pieces of shit and once again it makes the FBI look like they are doing their job.....

To be continued.

And so it goes.

The Retired Story Teller

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James Southerland
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Can't wait for the next one.

"When a nation makes too great a distinction between its scholars and its warriors it winds up having its thinking done by cowards and its fighting done by fools." Thucydides

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Uncommon Drunk
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As usual, a good yarn, Bum.

But why the "Uzi for Suzy", Bum? (Hey! That rhymes!) [Big Grin]

I figger a psycho bitch like her would want a suppressed MAC-10 in .45 ACP. Ya know, kill the ever-lovin' SHIT outta the bad guys.

Maybe for when "Suzy's Uzi" is in the shop. [Big Grin]


"Crush your enemies. See them driven before you. Hear the lamentation of the women!"

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Keep em coming Bum.....Makes my day to see your writings continue.

Hawk...who says fuck the Gerbils if they don't like it.


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Retired Bum
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Hawk...who says fuck the Gerbils if they don't like it.

As I recall, there were three dipshits critical of my story telling. One was that wannabe niglet piece of shit Blake who got his trollin' ass banned. Another was The Frozen One who has disappeared. The third is our resident libtard faggot name of Peter Eater who has also disappeared of late.

So if there is another critic out there that I have overlooked, fuck 'em.

Doc, I consider the Uzi to be a far better SMG than the MAC. The Uzi is/was a world class machine pistol. The MAC started out as a good weapon designed by Ingram. But then the company kept changing owners and the result was a SMG made that was not up to the quality and reliability of the original. A typical situation when the profit motive is the only thing that matters.

The HK MP5 and its variations are widely looked upon as the best SMG in the world at this time. But I have reservations about that. Most SMG designs fire from the open bolt which makes them simpler than a closed bolt design like the MP5. They are IMHO safer as well. No chance of a "cook off" with the open bolt. But the MP5 is more accurate in semi auto fire because of the closed bolt. Take yer choice I guess.

Susy with an Uzi. Does kinda rhyme doesn't it.

The next episode with be in the same theme. The informer will spill the beans on some criminal activity. Rodney and his agents will put the kabosh on it. Susie will want to kill more badguys. Monica will try to fuck Rodney to death. And the Director is gonna start wondering where Rodney is getting all of these hot tip offs.

And so it goes for another few episodes at least.

The Story Writing Retired One

Don't blame me, I'm just a pervert at heart

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Retired Bum
Dirty Old Man
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Double post.
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The Chosen One
The Chosen One
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Still here bum! I don't ever remember being critical with any of the Rodney Dalton stories.
Get yor facts straight Mr. Bum. I am still enjoying your stories.

The Chosen One

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TODD 3465
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Another good installment IMHO.

Keep up the good work.

In 1967, Polish mercenary Rafal Ganowicz was asked what it felt like to take a human life. He replied- "I wouldn't know I've only killed communists."

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Pennville bill
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Originally posted by TODD 3465:
Another good installment IMHO.

Keep up the good work.


_ _______________________________ _
I could eat a can of alphabet soup and shit a better argument than that.

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