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Author Topic: sacred trust
Whining Little Bitch
Member # 514

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I've noticed a trend with the modern republicraps that goes something like this....

"If you pretend I'm smart, I will pretend you're smart and together we can kick liberal ass"

Then came Sarah Palin who blew the lid off of this farce by declaring their republicrap party, the party of retards! Canonized, she became the symbol of stupidity, incoherence, and simplicity.

She hooked the Tarded One, Titty3465 (aka "the quitter") and everyone else so inclined to grasp at ghosts and virtually anything that keeps the republicraps is a pittance of money nowadays.

Even Reagan had to memorize movie scripts....

So I sit here tonight, wondering, just exactly what the republicraps represent anymore?




A waste of time is what I call them.

Until they somehow manage to put forth a candidate with intelligence, a plan, and some ideas.

Until then I remain firmly in the nigga's camp.

I think ya'all need a new sacred trust.

I am a low life liberal scum bag

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James Southerland
Member # 1961

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you might have set a new high (or low) on incoherence of message.

when you come off your glue huffing high, please edit this post.

"When a nation makes too great a distinction between its scholars and its warriors it winds up having its thinking done by cowards and its fighting done by fools." Thucydides

Posts: 3080 | From: Exit 196 | Registered: Nov 2001  |  IP: Logged
Member # 499

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(you remain in the nigga's camp) for a white man to say some thing like that your a disgrace to our race petey.
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TODD 3465
Member # 3182

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Yawn more whiney assed bull shit from the resident commie.

Realy shit ball you don't know what's coming in this country do you?

I own no ulitimate alligance to any man or nation; certainly not your socialist wet dream version of one. I may have close freinds that I treat like family but that's it.

And I'm done with politics as your liberal addled pea brain can understand it.

So whay don't you get back on your hands and knees and get back to work before O'bama feels the lack of one set of lips on his ass.

In 1967, Polish mercenary Rafal Ganowicz was asked what it felt like to take a human life. He replied- "I wouldn't know I've only killed communists."

Posts: 2567 | From: Washington Co., Arkansas | Registered: May 2004  |  IP: Logged
Uncommon Drunk
Member # 3337

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Originally posted by Petey:
Until then I remain firmly in the nigga's camp.

I think ya'all need a new sacred trust.




"Crush your enemies. See them driven before you. Hear the lamentation of the women!"

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Retired Bum
Dirty Old Man
Member # 554

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So the Peter Eater still supports and believes in the Magic Koon it would appear.

Glad to hear it. So when the SS DemonKrap goes down you will be going down (pun intended) with it.

Bon Voyage ya fuckin' kommie pinko fag libtard.

And so it goes.

The Retired One

Don't blame me, I just call 'em the way I see 'em

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Pennville bill
Member # 1090

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_ _______________________________ _
I could eat a can of alphabet soup and shit a better argument than that.

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