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Author Topic: Well ain't that a kick in the nuts (literally)
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The greatest feat the Devil ever achieved was convince the world he didn't exist.

Neca eos omnes Deus suos agnoscet
"Kill them all.
God will know His own."

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Why am I not surprised. Goes right along with the turdburgers that the Japs gobble. Sick.
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How fuckin pathetic!!! Wonder if they even know that trauma to gonads can produce serious problems.

Holy crap ....... Jap culture (is that the right word - does not fit somehow)is crazy, depraved, assinine and all but incomprehensible.

Whatever floats their slant-eyed boats I guess!

The beatings will continue, until moral improves.

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Long ago.. China sent out an exploratory expedition to the rest of the world on a single ship.

They never sent a second voyage out due to the findings of the the first: The rest of the world's cultures were unrefined and inferior.

When the Western world encountered the Japanese, they found our ways to be unrefined and inferior.

After 2 self induced atomic bombs and technology revolution, they have finally blown an "o" ring somewhere in their collective minds that this is a form of entertainment suitable for the themselves as "Refined and Superior" entertainment.

Bonzai, muthafuckuhz!

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The culture is so insular, and so rigidly controlled, that this type of thing is inevitable. The REALLY disturbing sexual practices, the Hentai Animated Porn, the Manga (Comic-book) Porn, and the fact that the sex trades of Thailand, and Indonesia/Malasia are funded amlost entirely by Japanese trade is indicative of this. With the rampant aids rates in SE asia, beacuse of the sex trade, it's only a matter of time before these guys bringing it home to Japan blows the rate up there as well.
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Except for a two hour layover at the Tokyo airport on the way home from Vietnam in 1967, I've never been to Japan or had any desire to go there.

There are too many differences between the Japanese and American cultures for me. A prime example: In the USA, if something is not specifically forbidden, it is legal to do it. In Japan, it is just the opposite. You can't do it unless it is authorized. Japanese culture is pretty much westernized from what I can see, but I would never make the mistake of thinking that the Japanese are like you and me.

When I was in the Army and stationed in Germany, there was a 3rd generation Japanese-American NCO assigned to my unit. He had been born and raised in Los Angeles and enlisted in the Army after graduating from highschool. He was a career soldier and he had been sent to an ASA unit in Japan because of his fluency in the Japanese language. He told me that during his tour of duty there, he was treated by most Japanese as a "non-person". His American accented Japanese was considered to be offensive to the ears of the Japanese. He told me that he never wanted to go back there again.

Two years later I was sent to Phu Bai and he was there doing his one year tour of duty. When his time for R&R came up, he told the brass that he would go anywhere except Tokyo.

And so it goes....

The Retired One

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