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Author Topic: Complete Fuckin Retards.
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This here is a basically a bloggish post on my disapointment in RC hobby manufacturers. SO.... if you arent interested in RC remotely.. well. fair warning.. no politics here.

A while back I went to the local hobby shop and picked up something called an Eflite Blade CX. This is a RC, dual rotor, electric helicopter. I was honest with the sales feller that I was really new to RC, and he just assured me that reading the instruction manual and provided DVD that I would be fine.

Once I got home, I opened the box and immediately popped in the DVD, after that I went over read the manual.... front to back. Then I went on and put the chopper together and ran thru all the checks the manual called for. The chopper flies great after some minor tuning covered in the manual.

I inspected my transmitter and found a socket for a AC adapter with the word "Charge". I scratch my head...... and go back to the manual...... I covered the whole thing twice and found that there are no instruction on how to use this "Feature". I look over at the LiPoly charger that came for charging the battery for the chopper itself and see that the size of the plug is the same. Perhaps? Dont worry... I checked the polarity marking on both the charger and the socket on the transmitter. The diagrams are opposite. NO GO.

SO...... I think about this...... if this was someones first RC, or that person only knows enough about electronics to get something "plugged in", they might make the assumption that you charge up the PROVIDED batteries (not rechargeable) with the lipoly charger as well. Im wondering how many many people have possibly ruined a radio.. or hell, maybe start a fire?

When I went in for for some spares at the shop.... I decided to tell old boy about it. He verified that this couldnt be done with the stock equiptment. I told him about my concern that the instructions failed to address the charging feature at all. He said nothing and just shrugged. Crickets.

Great..... the manufacture is an idiot and the I got the distinct feeling that the retailer couldnt give a sloppy fuck about it either. I wasnt expecting him to launch a crusade against the manufacturer about it or anything... I just felt like he might instruct newbs coming in and buying that model as I did about a possible hazard not covered in the manual.


They cant all be this way can they?

Yesterday, I roll into hobby shop #2 and select a OFNA Ultra Comp . Thats "big block" buggy, runs on gas...... goes over 50mph.. Yeah, baby!

So the side of the box details all the other needed parts I must buy seperately. I tell the this feller that I want him to round up that stuff and I'll meet him at the counter to pay. That would have been too simple... long story short, he shows me the shit I dont need to get ... and passes over the shit I do need to get. Yeahhhhhhhh...... got home...... no cross wrench..... and now have an extra glow plug igniter.

Annnnnnyway.... time for my beloved time of reading instruction manual. There are 46pages of very detailed exploded diagrams. and about 2 pages worth of actual instruction. The manual does not even address how to OPERATE the buggy. Spookey.

So. I take it over to some buddies who are already Nitro heads and place it into the hands of experience. Trouble.... cant get it to run right at all. I finally got the thing to turn over and idle.. but immediuatly dies when the throttle is increased. We tried every damn combination on that carb you can think of..... same shit.

The internet is a wonderful place where Google lives.


By typing in my keywords I come to the source of my problem. Several message boards were covering the same problem I was having. Come to find out that the company has been shipping out the wrong glow plugs with the cars. not enough heat. Ive already invested 4 hours of tinkering because they are sending out the WRONG SHIT?

RC require patience and hands on attention.... but the makers and people in the biz dont seem to have that mindset..

Who are these fuckin idiots?

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Where are they made?
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Bet ya a cold one that most of the RC stuff is made is China. Just like most other electronic gizmo's are.

On my computer desk sits my Hewlett Packard Pavilion computer & monitor & printer. All made in China. On the top shelf is a Sony CyberShot digital camera made in China. Next to it is a Grunding shortwave radio receiver made in China. My Zenith TV, RCA and Sony video recorders are Chinese made as is the cable box and its remote control. In fact the only electronic toy in my living room that isn't made in China is my old Kenwood stereo rack system that was made in Japan back in 1989.

Do we even produce any kind of electronic systems in this country anymore? I friggin' doubt it...

The Retired One

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Lake - seems like with so much made in China, the bosses of companies here just say - ''make me a kit for, x, y or z'' and that's it. Seemingly little or no input regarding destructions!

What you mention is a glaring booboo and for sure some total noob could well have problems. Sad your hobby shop guy couldn't seem to care a fuck [Frown]

The beatings will continue, until moral improves.

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