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Author Topic: Gun-Grabbing Mayors....
Booted the fuck out a here!
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Gun-Grabbing Mayors Face Showdown
by John M. Snyder
Posted Sep 22, 2006

The U.S. House of Representatives ought to pass the proposed Firearms Corrections and Improvements Act. It’ll soon be up on the floor of the House

This proposal, H.R. 5005, introduced by Rep. Lamar Smith of Texas, would prevent New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg and his hoplophobic coterie of like-minded, gun-grabbing mayors from using data designed specifically for use in criminal investigations and prosecutions in civil actions brought against the gun industry.

Here’s what’s behind the bill:

The anti-gun owner gang, frustrated in recent legislative efforts to undermine and eventually eliminate the individual, Second Amendment civil right of law-abiding American citizens to keep and bear arms, has resorted to use, or rather misuse, of the judicial system to accomplish their nefarious attack on this traditional right of law-abiding American citizens.

What the gun grabbers are trying to do is bring third-party city civil lawsuits against the firearms industry in an attempt to cripple financially gun manufacturers, distributors and dealers so that gun owners will not be able to acquire firearms for defense of life and property.

H.R. 5005 would stop these worshippers of state power right in their tracks. It would provide that Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives data shall NOT be admissible, in any CIVIL action in a state or federal court, or in any administrative proceeding other than a proceeding commenced by BATFE.

The measure, with 132 cosponsors, already has received House Judiciary Committee approval with a two-to-one margin of 21 to 11 votes.

Bloomberg and the grisly gang of gun grabbers who are trying to work his wretched will in the cities and in Congress would have us believe that H.R. 5005 would prevent proper government authorities from investigating and prosecuting criminals. But that is sheer, unadulterated baloney.

The opposite is true.

H.R. 5005 would prevent the gun grabbers from interfering with the ability of law-abiding citizens to get guns to defend themselves and their families against violent criminal predators.

The House of Representatives soon will have the opportunity to tell Bloomberg to go take a hike. And the congressmen ought to take that opportunity by passing H.R. 5005.

Mr. Snyder, an expert on American gun laws, is founder of the St. Gabriel Possenti Society and author of "Gun Saint."

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Pennville bill
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? ? ?

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I could eat a can of alphabet soup and shit a better argument than that.

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Booted the fuck out a here!
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That confused me also, must be new.
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Jungle Work
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I believe it refers to Hopalong Cassidy, a well know carrier of firearms, who has also been know to light up folks wearing "black hats".

Makes about as much sense as some of the shit I've seen posted here.

Jungle Work

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Hoplophobe is a term coined by Jeff Cooper. It means a person is 'afraid of guns'.
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