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Author Topic: Not my kind of gun....
Retired Bum
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Went to the gunshop to loaf this afternoon and did my usual inspection of all the gun racks and display cases.

One of the new pieces was a boxed Calico M100 .22 LR pistol with the 100 round radial feed (?) magazine. I understand that this so called pistol was also offered in 9x19 caliber. And there was a 16" barreled version of the .22 with a folding stock that made it a legal rifle.

I did not request to handle the gun, but from what I could see, it appeared that most of the major componets of this thing are made of plastic.

The dealer said that Calico went out of production in 1996. The Klinton '94 AWB with its ten round magazine limit killed the piece.

Now I realize that some people will buy most anything if it appeals to them and the price is not a barrier. But this thing is IMNSHO butt ugly. A 100 round pistol? No thanx sez I. Price was $475 for this monstrosity. For that kind of money I could buy a real pistol and have enough scratch left over to buy some ammo as well.

And so it goes....

The Retired One

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Jungle Work
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Cheapassed Plastic Guns don't work very well or last very long. I can't imagine spending $475.00 on one. If somebody wants a plastic gun that will last, buy a Glock.

Jungle Work

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Originally posted by Retired Bum:
Price was $475 for this monstrosity. For that kind of money I could buy a real pistol and have enough scratch left over to buy some ammo as well.

And so it goes....

The Retired One

Agreed.....Buddy of mine had the 9mm version years back. Fun to shoot at the range, but not very practical. Saw a full-auto one back then, too, now THAT looked like a BLAST!!! [Big Grin]

$475.00 will buy you a quality S&W 617, or a COUPLE of quality used Ruger Mark II's.


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The last time that I saw a Calico was during a scene in a Sci-Fi movie. From I heard, that was the best role for them, in movies. Of course they could be like my buddies Tec-9, ugly as hell but fun to shoot.


[Big Grin]

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They are fairly rare, and it seems to me that $475 is a decent price. I haven't heard anything about reliability, but I have heard that one of the reasons they were attractive to a certain set is that they are easily converted to full auto. A hundred rounds of .22 would be a lot of fun to shoot on full auto!

By the way, there are many, many durable pistols made from plastic.

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Had the .22 rifle..IIRC I paid about 175-180 bucks for it when i got it. The reciever was pot-metal pretty much, that said, it functioned pretty well, until it got dirty, then it would jam every round..As long as i gave iot a shot uf gunscrubber, and a little WD every magazine change, it ran like a champ though. Match Rifle??? Nope..but it is kinda fun to crank off 100 rounds between magazine reloads. The Mags were the real weak area though, the springs were easy to overwind, and even preban they were a little pricey.
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