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1 How Much Would You Pay For This Piece? (post #2) GENERAL WEAPONS
2 Burned some powder today.... (post #1) GENERAL WEAPONS
3 Group photo of my beloved snubbies...Smile!! (post #3) GENERAL WEAPONS
4 Holy Smokes.... (post #1) FREE SPEECH BOARD
5 Some really good news today.... (post #7) FREE SPEECH BOARD
6 Got a question for all of ya... (post #1) GENERAL WEAPONS
7 Japanese Nambu Type 14 pistol explained (post #4) GENERAL WEAPONS
8 Japanese Nambu Type 14 pistol explained (post #3) GENERAL WEAPONS
9 Shot a $1000 plastik pistole today.... (post #2) GENERAL WEAPONS
10 Anybody gonna watch HBO's "Pacific" tonight? (post #5) FREE SPEECH BOARD
11 I must be living right today.... (post #1) FREE SPEECH BOARD
12 It is shaping up as a bad year for more and more DemonRats,,,,, (post #8) FREE SPEECH BOARD
13 So how did ya or how are ya gonna spend the last day of the year? (post #3) FREE SPEECH BOARD
14 The Death blow for Greens? (post #4) FREE SPEECH BOARD
15 The Death blow for Greens? (post #3) FREE SPEECH BOARD
16 Windows 7...... (post #12) FREE SPEECH BOARD
17 Now Here's A Thought-Provoking "Game"..... (post #3) FREE SPEECH BOARD
18 A Link Just for Hawk (and any other interested anchor cranker) (post #6) FREE SPEECH BOARD
19 Regarding trolls (post #19) FREE SPEECH BOARD
20 The Group (post #17) FREE SPEECH BOARD
21 God Bless our nation and keep us safe (post #2) FREE SPEECH BOARD
22 Ted Kennedy buys the farm (post #18) FREE SPEECH BOARD
23 OK (post #17) FREE SPEECH BOARD
24 I went and did it.... (post #2) GENERAL WEAPONS
25 Legally blind man teaches alleged intruder a lesson (post #1) FREE SPEECH BOARD
26 arizony takin down the wetbacks (post #2) FREE SPEECH BOARD
27 Barak Obama Is Having (post #0) FREE SPEECH BOARD
28 Okay, as promised... (post #1) GENERAL WEAPONS
29 Did it again... (post #4) GENERAL WEAPONS
30 mosin nagant sniper rifle (post #4) GENERAL WEAPONS
31 Got this new computer (post #4) FREE SPEECH BOARD
32 Should I get a used Sig 225? (post #8) GENERAL WEAPONS
33 Gun magazines.... (post #3) GENERAL WEAPONS
34 Sometimes our thoughts get us in trouble (post #2) FREE SPEECH BOARD
35 Home invader with gun stabbed to death (post #4) FREE SPEECH BOARD
36 Happt New Year (post #0) FREE SPEECH BOARD
37 To my friends here at HCT........ (post #8) FREE SPEECH BOARD
38 Me want,,,,, (post #4) GENERAL WEAPONS
39 Just out of curiosity ( For President ) (post #11) FREE SPEECH BOARD
40 So which would be your choice..... (post #8) GENERAL WEAPONS
41 The dust hasn't even settled on my AM EX Card (post #4) GENERAL WEAPONS
42 Why do Marines serve on U.S. Navy Ships? (post #2) FREE SPEECH BOARD
43 Nippy day at the range.... (post #10) GENERAL WEAPONS
44 Remember ME? I'm Back....and pissed off! (post #4) FREE SPEECH BOARD
45 Speak Spanish to me! (post #2) FREE SPEECH BOARD
46 Liberal and Consercative Solutiobs to a Serious Social Problem (post #0) FREE SPEECH BOARD
47 the young bride (post #2) FREE SPEECH BOARD
48 Cunt Can't Cut It. (post #23) FREE SPEECH BOARD
49 Finally...... (post #7) FREE SPEECH BOARD
50 When aliens breed with sheep (post #7) FREE SPEECH BOARD

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