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Posted by Yoyo (Member # 1161) on :
I have 12 USGI 30 round magazines for an AR-15 which would be my bugout gun.

I also have 7 USA 30 rounders that I keep for range use..and yes they work just fine.

My LBE will carry 12 in USGI M-16 ammo pouches.

Should this be enough?

Also I have Federal M193 Ball and South African military surplus 5.56mm ammo..which should get first preferance in my loadout?
Posted by Traveler (Member # 685) on :
YoYo, the question cannot be answered. At least not by me. My crystal ball does not work.

But at 570 rounds, if there be more than 570 armed BG's, you be toast no matter. [Big Grin]
Posted by SatCong (Member # 3187) on :
Will this load-out get you to your stash? What's the terrain? Are you mobil? What's your low-light capability? Is your bug-out stealthy or confrontational? For how many contigencies are you prepared? What scenario would force you out of your home and into the open?
I guess, outside of airpower, or explosive projectiles, I would choose to initially fight from my well-stocked abode, bugging-out when no longer defensible. I live near a major river, and the bug-out trail is stealthy and the plan utilizes the water as my road out. The water is my friend.
Posted by Not Whistlin Dixie (Member # 487) on :
Duncan Long recommended that, should you find yourself obliged to head for a retreat after things have already gotten wild, you should carry about 200-250 rounds of centerfire rifle cartridges.

His theory was that with this amount of ammunition, you'll either vanquish the foe or you'll become a combat casualty yourself.
Posted by Dusty (Member # 3228) on :
my personal bug out plan includes my horse, both sixguns(3 screw ruger .45 colt blackhawks), my .45 Colt winchester, my .45-70 sharps and an old take down Marlin .22 LR model 39...and ammo for all the guns. i figure i can carry about 1000 rounds of Winchester .22's, about 300-500 rounds of .45 colt and 50 rounds of .45-70, plus a change of clothes (i will be wearing buckskins, or a light muslin hunting shirt)as well as my huntin' stuff...flint, tinder, woolen blankets, and stuff to survive with.
Posted by KyRebel (Member # 2936) on :
Where do you plan to go. I don't know how it is in your neck of the woods, but for me, I could go hide out in the hills among woodland, but how long do I stay there protecting a daughter and fending for our lives? I really don't know the answer to this...
Posted by Amy (Member # 47) on :
bug-out is not something I've given much thought or planning to. I have a hell of a lot of camping gear, enough weapons and ammo to equip a platoon for a couple weeks of combat in the field, stored food and water up the ying-yang, fuel as well, recovery gear, medical supplies, water filtration, a 2kw generator, a bank of batteries, and a big honkin diesel 4x4 pickup.

I plan to palatize the whole mess of gear for winching into the back of the truck (Hank the Tank) from the electric hoist in ceiling of the shop, and be gone should it come to that. This is about the extent of my planning at present.

I don't know about the need to bug out, but I think I'd be ready if I had to. I don't think my home is all that defensible at present, given the layout of my neighborhood, but when I get to Louisiana I will be looking for a place that is.

Posted by Dusty (Member # 3228) on :
where i live in greene New York its quite woodsy, and there is a 100,000+ acre state park bording our land, i know most all the deer trails and horse paths that i could hide in those woods for a loooong time, there a ton of small creeks, ponds and springs as well as a small network of caves and caverns i found by accident one day. plus the pine woods are sooo easy for a man and horse to just dissipear in to. plus my horse is dark collred, almost black, and me in my buckskin hunting garb, it would take a VERY good tracker to find me, and i know the three men that could find me around here, ther all my hunting friends. im 100% confidant that i could vanish with no problem whatso ever. besides, last weeks i "got rid" of my AR-15 (big plastic PVC pipe and a shovel....) but i pefer my "cowboy guns", single action revolvers, lever action rifles and single shot big bore breech loaders.
Posted by Burl (Member # 3284) on :
Have you weighed 18 mags full of 223? They are over 1 lb each. Then there's the rifle, the pistol, and the 40 lbs of other stuff you'd probably need to last a week. Have you tried running all day with 70 lbs of stuff hanging on you?

Water is 8 lbs per gallon, and if you are pushed hard, you will need 1-2 gallons per day, depending upon the temps, the terrain, your level of fitness, and so on. Basically, if you need 100 rds of 223 just to get to your retreat site, you will never make it. Y

Needing to fire 100 rds means that you are screwing up much too badly, much too often. If you were moving tactically, you would either never need 50 rds for the entire trip, or bad luck would get you, regardless of how many rds you have.

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Posted by Hard Ball (Member # 301) on :
Consider getting a pouch that hols a 30 round magazine on your AR-15's stock. As they say in the ASAS "You can;t have too much ammunition."
Posted by El Lobo (Member # 3285) on :
I remember in the Army that the standard load was 210 rounds. 6 in the pouches and one in the rifle. I tend to model myself after them. I figure that if it's better if you have more than enough than not enough. Besides, if the shit really hits the fan, ammo would basically be the new currency. Then again I'm lugging 270 rounds of 7.62x39mm, even with a chest rig like mine, it still gets a little heavy.
Posted by cyanide (Member # 3282) on :
Posted by PATRIOT48071 (Member # 499) on :
bug out my ass i am not leaveing all the budwiser in my ice box for any one!
Posted by fastmover (Member # 3347) on :
Go with what you feel comfortable carrying and if you can get amgs pretty cheap...keep collecting...You can also use extra mags for bartering.

As others said in the army we carried 6 and for me that was pleanty plus several extra boxes of ammo in the ruck wouldnt hurt
Posted by DocZeus (Member # 3337) on :
Originally posted by PATRIOT48071:
bug out my ass i am not leaveing all the budwiser in my ice box for any one!

Patriot, I Salute You, Sir! [Big Grin]

That's right, WALK RIGHT INTO that Claymore.....Just a LITTLE FARTHER........


<click>BOOOOOOM! [Big Grin]


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