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Posted by RogerTC1 (Member # 560) on :
Posted by RogerTC1 (Member # 560) on :
Damn picture did not post. Oh Well. I was drinking beer and eating salted in the shell peanuts. Was in the 70s and it is on my days off that is Monday thru Thursday. Just work part time on weekends for shits and giggles. So I take off 3 days of drinking. Glad spring is here.
I finished my Kel Tec P32 pistol that I got new when they first came out in 1999. I started to carry it as an alternative because it fits in my pocket well. I put a green Armralaser on it last week. Got a brand new pocket clip as the old one was sloppy. Finally I put a 1 round extension on the magazine. Had to do a little fitting. Now timn little 32 holds 9 rounds total and has full 2 finger grip for me.

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