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Posted by Hussy (Member # 3381) on :

On the left side and down a little is a place to e-mail the members of The View. I would suggest everyone e-mail them and let them know what you think of the new addition of Rosey O to their show. It might not hurt to let them know you will e-mail the sponsors of the show and that you are going to boycott their sponsors.

No I don't watch The View and yes I used to watch Rosey's show until she became a insufferable dyke. Before she was just a funny dyke.

Maybe Ms. Walters might have a change of heart on who she hires as a co-host if she knows her pocket book is going to suffer.
Posted by DocZeus (Member # 3337) on :
Amen, Hussy!

I never forgot how that bitch gave Tom Selleck a load of shit on her show about guns.

Like Patton said: "Ya want to get their attention, hit 'em in the wallet!" [Big Grin]

Sound advice!


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