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Posted by TODD 3465 (Member # 3182) on :
But I just called the Top Wop of NY State the leading asshole there.

And referred to Nancy Pelousey as a witch
Plus mentioned her appreance in Star Treck "The Man Trap" as herself "Nancy".

God I love it.

Sowing Chaos Panic and Disorder what fun!
Posted by Retired Bum (Member # 554) on :
Over the seven plus decades I have been around on this planet one thing I have found to be almost always true.....

Big shots aka the "elite" have no qualms about talking down to the little people but sure as shit don't want any back talk from them. In the bad old daze they would have them flogged or shipped off to the New World to get rid of them.

Just today I told off some asshole who pulled up next to me in traffic. It was a nice sunny afternoon with the temp about 73 degrees and I had the top down on the Camaro RS. This butt breath yelled that I was taking a big chance in catching the Chink flu driving around like that....

So my response was why don't you mind your own fucking business and by the way go fuck yourself with a big red rubber dick. That shut the cocksucker up!

And so it goes and it was fun doing it.

The You Don't Want Any Shit Then Keep Yer Fucking Mouth Shut Around Me Retired One

Don't blame me, that asshole was asking for it.

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