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Posted by Retired Bum (Member # 554) on :
It was announced today by the president of the New York State Correctional Officers Union that 68 year old Harvey Weinstein who was handed a 23 year sentence for rape and other sexual crimes has the Covid-19 virus.....

So this sorry piece of shit big shot movie mogul somehow became infected with the virus while in custody. I find it rather odd that the news of this was released by a union president....

So I wonder what is gonna happen to this old jew rapist. It would be a real crying shame if the infection became fatal. Like that other jew rapist name of Epstein "hanging" himself with no one watching and the video cameras turned off in the MCC New York....

And so it goes and it gets stranger and stranger as it does.

The Glad I Don't Work In Prisons Anymore Retired One

Don't blame me, AIDS was the big thing during my time with the BOP.
Posted by TODD 3465 (Member # 3182) on :
May that mother fucker die a long painful lingering death.

And end up blowing goats in hell.
Posted by Retired Bum (Member # 554) on :
There are some things that even a goat won't do....

Why is it that entertainment big shots who are doing these rapes and whatever are mostly Jews? Something in their genes that makes them go after the young ones. Maybe Woody Allen who married his adopted step daughter can answer that one.....

And so it goes.

The Retired One
Posted by TODD 3465 (Member # 3182) on :
Because for whatever reason most are Jewish. No clue as to why that's the case either.
I really think that the problems is not ethnics but just being around younger people or they had a fucked up repressed childhood and no self control as adults.
I mean you got Michael Jackson or did and don't forget the former big porker Jared Fogel if Subway Sandwich infamy. Iirc, that geek was always an over weight nerd and went hog wild with teen prostitutes when he got famous.

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