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Posted by TODD 3465 (Member # 3182) on :
And the pantifa bunch in particular.

Hope you types get a good dose of the Red Chinese Flu to go along with your HIV, HEP-C, Parvo, Rabies, Scabies, Lice, Mange or whatever else you may have gotten living your degenerate lives.


So you'll be out of the way so the rest of us can MAKE AMEERICA GREAT AGAIN! [Big Grin]

Trump 2020!!!!

BTW- Ain't it ironic this chinko-pinko virus may wipe out a bunch of the lefty voting block here in the USA?

Ain't had a good long F-the left snowflake meltig rant in awhile.
Been a bit grumpy since all the split tail hunting grounds are closed.
Can't even go to Twin Peaks to have some eye candy with my dinner dammit!
Posted by Retired Bum (Member # 554) on :
You actually pray?

I sure as shit don't. But then I am just an unwashed heathen and have been my whole life.

Todd, be careful what you wish or pray for. You just might get it as the old saying goes.

As for myself I just want this shit to go away and maybe infect North Korea or some other third world shithole. Like deepest darkest Afrika.....

And so it goes and it can't happen soon enough.

The Taking It One Fucking Day At A Time Retired One

Don't blame me, I didn't start it but I do want to be around to see it come to and end.
Posted by TODD 3465 (Member # 3182) on :
Well them dropping dead won't waste any powder and lead.

Which is what I think we are headed for sooner or later.

I'm sick of these mouthy communist cocksucker's talking tough online then backpedaling like little pissants when challenged.

Had one mother fuck do it in one of my Facebook threads then duck and cover.
I know he lives in town but he apparently either deleted his account, blocked me or miracle of miracles Facebook banned him.
I'm hoping the little cockbag is dumb enough to come here on my property. I can dream can't i?
Posted by PATRIOT48071 (Member # 499) on :
strange how it hit the leftist home lands of California ( SF,LA , SD) Seattle Washington and New York.
Posted by TODD 3465 (Member # 3182) on :
Originally posted by PATRIOT48071:
strange how it hit the leftist home lands of California ( SF,LA , SD) Seattle Washington and New York.

Could almost call it an act of God eh?

Yeah and sanctuary cities to boot in many cases.
Posted by PATRIOT48071 (Member # 499) on :
Tod that's what I was thinking honestly. they were calling for the abortion ( murder ) of baby's up to 9 months and after birth. and they want God out of our Schools I could go on and on.
Posted by TODD 3465 (Member # 3182) on :
I know I ain't no saint but I got my limits.

I mean today there's a crap ton of birth control methods

I know there's more around here but there used to be only one doc local that would do then. He started out just as a general gyno doctor.
Then turned full bore pro abortion and pretty much a specialist in them.
And a all out communist asshole. One interview they played on TV and he had acehut ton of Marxist books on his office shelves.
He eventually died of colon cancer odd that coincidence.

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