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Posted by zombo (Member # 2219) on :
pain is excruciating. thing is they don't give out any pain meds because of the junkies. I say fuck the junkies. let them OD. I couldn't care less.
Posted by Retired Bum (Member # 554) on :
Twelve years ago I had lower back pain so bad that I had to dial 911 for an ambulance to take me to a hospital ER. I was given an injection of Demerol and a script for Vicodin. Made an appointment for a MRI....

The MRI results were useless. But the Vicodin took care of the pain very well indeed. I only used half of the script and put the rest away just in case. Made the mistake of telling someone I knew about the Vicodin and this cocksucker tried to get me to give him the rest of the pills. Told him to go fuck himself with a big red rubber dick and never come near me again. Fucking dopers.....

What really hurt was the bill for the five minute ambulance ride. My insurance didn't cover it and I had to shell out over $700 for that ride. Talk about a bunch of bloodsucking cocksuckers....

I know that it is getting harder to get a script for any kind of pain killers these daze. My doctor told me that the state keeps a close eye on narcotic scripts.

And so it goes.

The Retired One
Posted by TODD 3465 (Member # 3182) on :
Yeah thanks to all the scuzbuckets abusing prescriptions and hillbilly doctors handing out prescriptions like candy.

Pisses me the hell off
Posted by ThatDamnLakeGuy (Member # 22004) on :
I just got off of opioids after 3 years and 2 replacement discs. It's a bitch. The shots they give you are only temporary...3 months of relief at best.

If you can cut to the chase with's the better option. Never be a hundred percent again, but better than the constant pain.

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