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Posted by zombo (Member # 2219) on :
actors? politicians? big shots? Let's hear it.
Posted by Retired Bum (Member # 554) on :
Celebrity convicts....

AFAIK none of the thousands of convicts who did time at the federal pen were politicians or movie actors.

Big shots? Some of the convicts had big egos and certainly considered themselves big shots in the crime world. You know what I mean. Legends in their own minds and all that good shit.

In the summer of 1992 I was the officer in charge of a cell house when John Gotti's co-defendant and number two in the Gambino crime family arrived at the prison. His name was Frank LoCasio and like Gotti he had been sentenced to natural life. Outside of NYC nobody knew who "Franky Locks" was as he was called in the mob. He was old school mafia and unlike Gotti kept a low profile.

One of the NYC mafia types in the cell house came to me and told me that LoCasio was going to be released to gen pop the next morning and he was being assigned to my cell house. I knew nothing of this but I learned a long time ago that when a convict like this mafia type told me something that they usually knew what they were talking about. He told me to put LoCasio in his cell and he would "take care of him".

So the next morning after the 9AM general movement I got a phone call telling me that LoCasio was on his way to me. I stepped out into the main corridor and watched him being escorted by an officer. I was handed his photo card while the mafia type stood on the inside of the cell house door with a big grin on his face. I asked LoCasio if he knew this man and if celling with him would be a problem. No problem so I turned LoCasio over to the mafia thug and then put his name on the running count.

Then we had the 10AM movement and I knew what was going to happen next without being told. There were about ten NYC "Italians" as the mafia types called themselves at the prison. About eight of them came walking down the corridor carrying an assortment of "gifts" for LoCasio. He and his cell partner stepped out into the corridor and the bunch of them went through the old hug, kiss, and back slap routine.

LoCasio was now the ranking Italian in the prison. He was still there when I retired three years later.

And so it goes.

The Retired One

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