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Posted by zombo (Member # 2219) on :
she sounds like an old hippy type. her ideas are nutty. looks like she hates guns too:

Eliminating the sale of assault rifles and semi-automatic weapons

Banning bump stocks and high capacity magazines

Strict control of gun use among children and access to guns among children

Required universal background checks, including at gun shows

Mandatory waiting periods for all gun dealers, including gun shows and sporting retailers

Reinstatement of Obama era restrictions on the ability of the mentally ill to purchase a gun

Child safety locks on all guns

Passage of Extreme Risk Protection Order Laws nationwide, allowing family members and law enforcement to seek court permission to temporarily remove guns from a person in danger of harming himself or others

Removing current limits on the Center for Disease Control’s (CDC) ability to track and record gun ownership numbers in America (vital information which helps in researching the overwhelming amount of gun deaths and underlying causes)
Posted by Retired Bum (Member # 554) on :
I don't know what the "story" is on this far left whacko bitch and really don't care.......

She is just another Trump hating white straight conservative male hating socialist commie twat who thinks that her "ideas" are just what this nation needs and wants. Like the rest of the DemonRat assholes running for POTUS she is trying to out do the other assholes.

Fuck her with a big red rubber dick.....

And so it goes.

The I Hate DemonRats Retired One

Don't blame me, hating these scumbags just comes naturally.

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