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Posted by Retired Bum (Member # 554) on :
The hot news topic of the day is the "suicide" of Jeffrey Epstein while locked up in the MCC New York. Epstein is of course a very high profile inmate accused of being a big time pedophile with numerous connections to the very rich and famous.

His incarceration has a lot of big shots shitting their pants. So now he supposedly hung himself this morning in his cell. He was not on suicide watch for some reason. Bad idea and whomever made this decision is probably gonna wish he/she hadn't. Others will of course feel a great deal of relief at hearing he snuffed himself....

Conspiracy theories are running wild on the internet and MSM. The chief one is that the Klintons are behind his "arkancide".

Bet all of you that Trump will get the blame as usual.....

And so it goes and to nobodies surprise he did.

The I Don't Really Give A Shit Retired One
Posted by The Chosen One (Member # 4732) on :
I was wondering why you even post this because you said that you really don’t give a shit. Then why post ?
Posted by Retired Bum (Member # 554) on :
Just to piss off our resident assklown is all the reason I need.....

So with that in mind why don't you go fuck yourself with a big red rubber dick wrapped in sandpaper, soaked in turpentine, and set on fire.

Feel free to report this response to JJ. I don't give a shit.

And so it goes and fuck you very much.

The Retired One

Don't blame me, I am in one of my moods and hope you don't like it.
Posted by zombo (Member # 2219) on :
leave bum alone you miserable clown!
Posted by The Chosen One (Member # 4732) on :
You should know that Bum is going to get this site shut down 👍
Posted by TODD 3465 (Member # 3182) on :
I see Petey Jr is still here.

Anyway yeah the Bitch and the Arkansas Leg Hound are probably behind it in some way.
Posted by James Southerland (Member # 1961) on :
Last week there was an autopsy of the sorry corupus of epstein.

The ME took a break for lunch, during which time epetein creameaed himself.

bill and hillary are smiling at each other in pubic for the first time in years.

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