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Posted by JJ (Member # 1163) on :
Before you go nuts saying you're being censored because your topic was erased , let me say I was e-mailed by go daddy that we need to watch ourselves at this point in time and asked me to take down the thread calling for the death of an x President, They worded it like a request but with teeth.
They can push a button and vanquish all our content.
Just don't go ballistic and everyone try and word things so us as gun owners don't look like the 2 assholes in Texas and Ohio
Posted by The Chosen One (Member # 4732) on :
I hope you read this Bum, you never know who is watching this site and if you think you can hide behind a keyboard you are badly mistaken
Posted by The Chosen One (Member # 4732) on :
I don’t think Bum will ever posted again on this site 👍
Posted by TODD 3465 (Member # 3182) on :
Then I'm glad I'm here on occasion to pic up the slack.

But yes I do understand the current restrictions on our free speech.

Comments like RB's can only be made by liberals in public and about Republican politicians.

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