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Posted by TODD 3465 (Member # 3182) on :
for someone to shove a big 3" diameter tampon down Hillary Clinton's throat.

As ain't that how you cork up that big of an old cunt?
Posted by Retired Bum (Member # 554) on :
El Bitcho aka the Hildabeast hasn't been in the news lately for whatever reason. Unless I have missed something....

Possibly the ugly old twat is worried about having her thieving wrinkled old fat ass being investigated for her multitude of crimes. That could be the reason she is staying out of the news.

It would be a real pity if one of two things happened in the near future. She gets thrown behind bars (fat chance of that ever happening) or she up and kicks the bucket (only the good die young).

I am just mentally masturbating here but it wouldn't surprise me one little bit that this miserable old cunt decides to change her fucking mind and run for the DemonRat nomination for POTUS next year. Don't ever kid yourself that she doesn't want it. She wants it so bad that she would sell her soul to the devil if she actually had one....

And so it goes and she is long overdue for going IMNSHO.

The Die You Fucking Bitch Die Retired One

Don't blame me, blame Todd for bringing her name up.
Posted by James Southerland (Member # 1961) on :
Nashville Tent and Awning received an RFP for 5 orange pantsuits, female, cut 4XL in the thigh and azz, from the US Bureau of Prisons.

Dare we hope?
Posted by Retired Bum (Member # 554) on :
I'd make those pantsuits out of burlap infested with bed bugs.....

And so it goes.

The Retired One

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