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Posted by DocZeus (Member # 3337) on :
Whether you like Glenn Beck or not, this is worth watching:

The seeds are being planted over there everyday, in their children, just like Hitler did with the Hitler Youth....What a waste.....

I find the clip of the kid preaching that "the tree of islam is irrigated with BLOOD, NOT water" especially telling...

Guess our only option is to help them greet allah, or whatever deity believes in this kind of hatred....."religion of love" my ass....


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Posted by Retired Bum (Member # 554) on :
Nothing new here at all. This is the way it has always been when ya are dealing with fanatics be they religious or national socialists.

All you can do is be vigilant and be prepared to kill everyone of the goatfuckers regardless of age or sex. They would do it to you and revel in it. We are more civilized than that 7th century bunch of sandniggers. But barbarians always win in the end unless you go Roman on them first. The Romans believed in exterminating their enemies. But when they quit doing that the beginning of the end started. Barbarians have no such qualms and never will.

A civilized man can act like a barbarian if the need arises. But a barbarian will never be able to act like a civilized man because he doesn't know how. Kill 'em all and let whatever god ya believe in sort 'em out....

And so it goes.

The Retired One
Posted by Petey (Member # 514) on :
kind of like the liberals vs the dumbasses, don't ya think?
Posted by DocZeus (Member # 3337) on :
I think you have the sides reversed,'s Conservatives/Libertarians vs. Dumbasses......Liars......Cheaters......Thieves......and the list goes on...... [Big Grin]

Posted by looney (Member # 894) on :

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