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User Agreement Review
Hard Core Talk is about free speech. Free speech is the root of everything we do. Following are the basic guidelines:

1) New topics and replies must be relevant in at least some loose or basic form to the forum topic they are posted in.

2) No spamming. Members and posts in the Free Speech forum will never be removed due to their content whether they're offensive, rude, crude, or simply unpopular; Manners and civility are encouraged in the other forums.

Spamming by this board's definition is any sort of posting which is obviously not an expression of ideas, but rather just a means to post in order to clutter up the board or cause basic havoc with the intent of hampering genuine communication, or just plain trolling.

3) If you openly declare that your intent is to destroy, interdict, or otherwise exploit the free speech offered here in order to destroy it from within, then you will be seen as a cancer and handled accordingly.

3a) Seditious, treasonous, or postings advocating the overthrow of the United States government will be removed and the author(s) will be banned with extreme prejudice. IF YOUR INTENT IS TO COME ONTO THIS BOARD AND CRITICIZE OUR NATION FOR DEFENDING ITSELF IN THIS WAR AGAINST MUSLIM TERRORISTS THEN DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND MOVE ON.

4) In order to respect and safeguard your privacy, nobody is allowed to post other member's personal information (such as name, address, social security number, etc.) without said member's prior permission.
(Note-posting a link to personal information is the same as posting the information itself and is
not permitted)

5)Each member is allowed one posting handle.


Guidelines also means it is subjective. The administration will do its best to be lenient and flexible.

We want free speech! As long as you follow these very simple guidelines, your right to free speech will be guaranteed.

Every member must adhere to these very basic guidelines. Repeated breaking of these is the only way which will lead a member's access to be restricted or discontinued (banned).

Wimpy crap and whining are subject to editing or deletion.

Take it as it is and live with it.

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